Saturday June 22

We went to the summer RV show in Tampa. Our main goal was to talk to the Airstream people about how one would finance one of these things, seeing as they are three times the price of a “white box”.  We were also concerned that they might be a little delicate for newbies, any dent or crease can’t just be filled and painted over. Its shiny aluminum, a dent stretches it and you’re SOL. Anything big and the Ins. Co. totals it. We’ve seen them with a crease caused by a branch falling against it: totaled, hail damage: totaled, a bump on the front side: totaled, etc., etc..

So after talking to the Airstreamers, we went out and looked at the rest of the show and we found a brand new Winnebago Minnie Trailer, bright yellow, model 2451, 29 ft. long counting the hitch. It had a big queen bed separated from the inside by a wall, a good kitchen, bunk beds in the back (we’ll use these for storage) tons of appliances and a bath. Oh and unlike the Airstream, it has tons of storage, we don’t know how we would use it all. We went home to talk about it.



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