Saturday June 29

Measured all of Minnie’s storage spaces, went to Walmart and purchased plastic containers to fit and some other junk. A lot like setting up a summer house or a cruising boat. Need the usual; silverware, knives, sponges, bucket, scotch brite, cleaners, etc, etc. on and on. We also bought locking lugnuts for the fancy rims, water filter, big mirrors, back up camera, refrigerator bars to keep things from bouncing around during travel (per June) and on and on. Put cups, paper plates, bedding, etc. etc. on board and repaired a few fit and finish spots not worth returning to the dealer for. It was a cool night so we tried to use the DVD to watch a movie in the trailer but the TV needs 110 volt power and we only have 12 volt from the battery (the cord is about 2 ft short to plug it into the house and we were too tired to move it). So we went back in the house.

Minnie's galley with bathroom at the end and bunks behind wall on right

Minnie’s galley with bathroom at the end and bunks behind wall on right


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