Thursday June 27

Here they are safely in our drivewaay

Here they are safely in our drivewaay

Drove down to the dealer in Bartow, FL about 45 min. from our house around 9AM. Danny didn’t know a thing about putting on no trailer hitch of course, but they did have the parts. Chuck, the delivery manager who walks you thru the new trailer and shows you how to work everything, lit a fire under service and they ran right out to put the hitch on the car. We spent about two hours or so with Chuck going over the trailer, appliances and the hitch, brake controller, etc. He did a great job. Then we got to spend about an hour with the financial person signing our life away. Now Minnie was really ours (and Bank of Americas). We bought the recommended essentials in the store (poop hose, water pressure regulator, single ply poop paper, poop chemicals, etc.) Then we rolled Minnie out of there and hit the road for home. She was definitely bigger than we remembered (but then everything looks small at the shows surrounded by those giant trailers, buses and RVs). The Ford though handled the load perfectly and then we backed her into our driveway for the weekend. I’ve backed other trailer items before, boats, etc., but nothing like this. We had a great time of it as I couldn’t cut off the rear warning sensor, so it was busy buzzing the whole time and I couldn’t hear any of Lynda’s direction. Eventually we were successful and Minnie was safe at our house.

Inside Minnie, sitting at settee

Inside Minnie, sitting at settee


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