Ft. DeSoto Minnie’s Second Trip July 23


Ft. Desoto’s Beach

We managed to get a campsite at Fort DeSoto which has a great beach for a few days. Not easy to do in the summer as Pinellas County residents get first dibs. Any way we got a pull thru and Lynda had a few days off (she’d quit her job which was turning very difficult) so we took off for the beaches. It would be our first trip over a big hill (Sunshine Skyway Bridge) and we’d get to see how the truck would perform. Everything went great, the truck had no problems especially when we used the special tow/haul button on the transmission.


Minnie at Fort Desoto Note the Minnie decal we put on the front window

It was too hot for any serious hiking, the beach was nice though. We also discovered that you need a good sized outdoor carpet for under the awning, otherwise you’re tracking dirt into the trailer all the time. We did our best to fill up the tanks, just to see how long they would last before needing dumping, using way too much water we needed to dump in 3 days. So we know what not to do, at Hillsborough we were being very conservative and we had hardly anything to dump after 3 days. We checked out all of the campsites so we know which ones to reserve next time. Great trip – more photos on my website http://www.fishbourne.shutterfly.com


Lynda at her new job as unpaid life guard at Fort DeSoto


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