July 12 Minnie’s First Real Trip


Minnie at Hillsborough River State Park

We wanted to take Minnie on a short shake down cruise to check out all of the systems. So we took her to Hillsborough River State Park about 45 min. from our house, 25 min at 65 mph highway speeds and 20 min. at 45-50 back roads. No problems she ran along fine. Friends of ours had spent a few months at HR as worker bees and they highly recommended it. It’s a very nice park, even has a pool, but we were surprised by the number of tent campers there, it was hot and sticky. I don’t think we’d have been there if we didn’t have AC. The river is very beautiful and the trails go every where, but there were armies of mosquitoes who were unafraid of Deep Woods Off. I think it actually attracted them. So we gave up on hiking and went on the old fort tour instead. It was very interesting and we got a lot of good photos you can see them at http://www.fishbourne.shutterfly.com


Lynda drinks special coffee at Hillsborough River State park. Hmm tastes like Chardonney!

All of the systems worked fine, except for the DVD player, movies didn’t show up on the TV even though they showed up on the little screen on the DVD. I spent a couple of hours with the book and the remote control but no matter what I did I couldn’t get it to work. Finally I gave up and went to bed. The next day I had a thought and pulled on the cables that went from the TV to the DVD. They pulled right out! They weren’t attached to the DVD! So I removed the player and plugged them into the DVD and it worked fine!


Broken Board

The other thing that happened was the bed broke. These are just platform beds with storage underneath. The top is supported by a 1 x 3 piece of lumber and one side split and broke. I fixed it temporarily and replaced the board and added a couple of braces when we got home. It was on Lynda’s side so it wasn’t due to blubber just poor design.

We also discovered that the interior lights were all way to strong and they got hot. So we removed one of the bulbs from each fixture and they were better. I bought some lower wattage bulbs to try out on our next trip.

All in all a good trip. We emptied the grey and black tanks at the dump on our way out. This was a new experience for us. We also filled the fresh water tank just to see how the trailer reacted to that on the road. No problem, in fact with all of that extra weight over the wheels the big trucks didn’t push us around so much when they went by.


Hillsborough River


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