Annistasia State Park St. Augustine, FL 4/12/15

DSCN3007I’ve wanted to go to Annistatsia State Park since we started camping. So we made the 200 mile trip from Tampa to St. Augustine. The park is located out on the beaches just ten minutes or so from downtown. Lynda wanted to go by the back roads rather than I-4 and I-95. I-4 can be a total disaster on weekends around Orlando. DSCN3016The camp grounds are very nice. We’re off in the tent, pop up and camper area. Big RVs are off in their own section. The sites all appear to be heavily wooded here. You’d appreciate that in the summer. Here in Florida you’re always looking for shade. We went for a walk around in the RV area, we do still have a big trailer although it is up for sale. Some of the RV sites are a little short, so you would need to check the length and width before you would reserve your site. It’s a beach park so you may have to take what you get as sites are always in demand. Bath houses are relatively clean but old. There is a beach cafe and a camp store. Wood, water, ice, hamburgers, even ice cream! Last night on my trip to the bath house I saw a lightning bug. I haven’t seen one of those in decades. When I was a kid in Philadelphia we used to see and catch bunches of them in glass jars. I guess all of the insecticides and development killed them off. Maybe we just caught too many in glass jars. DSCN2977DSCN2975We went to the old town in St Augustine today. I remember it as one or two short streets of old buildings with wrought iron porches like New Orleans. Now it is half a dozen long streets of buildings made up to look old, many with wrought iron porches, nothing but storefront after store front. At least they are not Gaps, Macy’s, Nordstroms,etc. they are all independents. One sold only Tervis plastic cups and such. We tried to go to the Kingfish Grill, a nice water front place we went to the last time we were here, but it no longer is open for lunch. Went back to the campground and went to a walk on the beach before it could start raining again. Cooked a cut up Cornish game hen in the electric skillet and had cole slaw with it. I took the trash to the dumpster in the dark and saw a lot more lightning bugs, probably a dozen. It began to rain again tonight so we wrapped it up and we’re sitting in trailer reading and writing. DSCN3010Up at seven and wow it’s not raining! Egg McMuffins made in the trusty electric fry pan then off to the beach. The weather is predicted good all day, until five or six anyway, so we’re going to take advantage of it. We had a great day on the beach, sunny with a good breeze. Left about two, we wanted to search for some special art glue the wife needed. W didn’t find it so we went back and roamed the camp ground. Some of the sites are very close to A1A and the St. Augustine Amphitheater. When they have a rock concert I’m sure they blast everyone away. Supposedly they shut down by 10:30 but what about loudness, encores and general craziness? We went to Kingfish grill for dinner. It was about the same as we remembered it. Good sea food, a little pricey, but it is right on the water. While we were eating it poured rain but it stopped by the time we were done. DSCN3024

It poured buckets of rain last night. Luckily for us the pop up does not leak. It’s our last day here so we went for a long walk down the beach this morning. Just sitting around after lunch, Lynda’s doing art and I’m typing on the iPad. We went to the old coquina quarries where they mined the stone to build the fort and a lot of the town. Not much there now. Just looks like concrete but close up you can see the shells. Lynda thinks Annistasia is second to fort Desoto but she loves the Beach and we haven’t been to many of the campgrounds yet.


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