A May Trip To Ft. Desoto 5/25/2015

We needed to test out the A/C system on the pop up trailer. We now call her Minnie and the big trailer Maxi. So we took it to Ft. Desoto, that way we could just go home if it didn’t work, only 45 min. away. It worked fine, cools the trailer way down even in the heat of the day.

The refrigerator is another matter. It’s one of those ammonia type that will cool on A/C, DC or propane. Cool is the main word though as it will only go down to about 50. I have the feeling that I will have to replace this with an AC unit. We basically go to places with AC anyway so we would just freeze down the unit every night. I can get a very small AC unit that will fit in the space ( 2 cubic foot with a very small freezer ). First I thought I’d ask the dealer about recharging the ammonia one.


Any way we are at Ft. Desoto again. We bought a small cheap light weight kayak so we could cruise around the inside bay here. We have big sea kayaks, I made but they are wood and epoxy, but I’m afraid when they are on the roof of the truck the sun will cook them.

With the mini trailer we can be down in the tent area of the park, no RVs allowed here. So you don’t have some huge bus next to you running his two loud ACs all night long, even when it is cool outside. I’m also somewhat concerned by these huge TV screens outside in their own bay. What are they thinking? That they will blast the big game or the news or just run it all day? Why don’t they just stay home if they need a 5 foot TV. Luckily there are mosquitos to drive them back in.

Other than rain the first night the weather has been gorgeous. Hot days and cool nights, other than to test it we haven’t run the AC at all. Off kayaking a number of times, to the beach, roaming around, etc. the sunset last night was very cool and you could see the planets in a line with the moon, no city light, if you look out to sea, so you see a lot more of the stars. It does make me wonder what it would be like hundreds of miles off at sea on a perfect clear night.

We did see a lot of birds here, Osprey, Heron, Cardinals, etc. An Osprey on the beach seemed to be sick (his photo below), he kept sitting on the beach panting. He’d fly away if approached but he would just come back to the beach. There are also some feral cats in the park. Lynda saw one with her three kittens by the ladies room and I saw the mom cat a couple of times. They are truly wild as they just slink away if you come up to them, not even trusting you for food.Osprey2





One thought on “A May Trip To Ft. Desoto 5/25/2015

  1. Always look forward to reading about your adventures together. So TV’s at campsites?? Really? That’s as bad as getting as poolside or on your mega deck. How sad…missing the whole point of being in nature. I have been out to see, hundreds of miles offshore with the moon shining down, ocean glistening and stars galore. It is quite breath taking. Glad you had a great time. –LHill

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