The New Season Begins – Ft. Desoto 9/2015


It’s finally beginning to cool down. Still in the high 80s with high humidity but it is no longer sweltering at night. Yes we have AC and it works very well but we don’t go camping to hang out in the tent all day.

One of those Invest storms was coming (area of interest to the weather people) so instead of staying home for a day we rushed to the campground and got set up before it could break. Big mistake, it poured buckets all night, luckily no wind, we didn’t get any sleep. But the camper was perfectly dry and our site didn’t flood so we were fine. Hamburgers in the fry pan for dinner, Lynda had a veggie burger.

One of Lynda’s graphic design clients was having trouble with her files and Lynda didn’t ‘ bring her computer along, so we had to run home (only 45 min.) and get it. In the meantime they worked out their problems, but we probably needed to have it along any way. The rule now is to always take the computer when there is an active job in the office. We did get to walk around the park a little and see some of the flooded campsites. Lots of people went home, this place is only about 1/4 full. Left over pepper, onion, feta, filo dough pizza from home.

Hurrah! Sunny at last with a dry northwest wind. A beach day – on the beach by ten off by three. The wind finally blew our beach umbrellas down so we left.


I haven’t mentioned it yet but we added an outdoor table and electric outlet to the camper. Great for cooking on with the electric fry pan and it has a sink for washing up! Much better than trying to wash pots in the teeny area that is the sink inside. It just folds up and goes on top of the “dining room table” when we fold up everything. Dinner tonight – left over ramekin vegetarian chili from home with Doritos. So much for being healthy!


A bright beautiful day with only a low chance of showers. The wind is down this morning so Lynda has gone kayaking. It’s low tide so she had to hike thru the mud flats a bit to get out. After lunch Lynda went kayaking all the way to the point. Then we went to north beach just to see how it looked without the big Australian pines. It’s washing out a mile a minute. At high tide the beach is maybe 25 feet wide. Went back to the camp and ate left over chicken Marbella which we froze and brought with us. It was great but the smell of it seemed to attract one of the feral cats that live here. There wasn’t any left by the time he showed up so no dinner for him.

Time to pack up and go home. We’re already planning the next trip!



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