Best Laid Plans

Everyone has probably been wondering what’s happening. We had planned to start camping again in the spring but things kept popping up to delay that. May seemed like the first chance we would have so we made some reservations. Unfortunately fate butted in, I had a stroke on the 11th, my right side, arm and leg both paralyzed. Spent 4 days in the ICU, then 3 weeks in intensive rehab in Sarasota.

After a lot of work, I’m beginning to walk with the help of a one handed walker and my hand can now grip things. I’m not walking far just 20 ft. or so but everyday I can go a little further. I imagine this will lead up to walking with a cane. I don’t imagine we’ll be going out this Summer but maybe in the Fall.

Hope you all have a great summer, we’ll be working hard here to bring my body back.




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